Nursing Home/Sick and Shut-Ins

We must not forget the elderly. Some of the 5AM Bible Study Ministry members are currently involved in evangelistic ministry to stimulate, motivate and encourage residents in their daily activities. With respect to their contributions to society, we owe it to them to promote their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Prison Ministry

Several 5AM Bible Study Ministry members co-partner with outreach ministries and churches. They volunteer in the Upper Marlboro, Maryland and Manassas, Virginia areas. One of our member’s is employed by a correctional facility in the Holly Springs, Mississippi area.

The volunteers’ objective is to disciple the inmates through teaching them the Word of God. As a result, many inmates are saved and others have recommitted their lives to the Lord. Some inmates require one-on-one counseling, which builds trust. As inmates are released, they are encouraged to unite with a local church.

There are several annual projects to reach out to the children of the incarcerated. Contact the ministry for more information.

Day Break

Cards and letters of encouragement are sent to those who are incarcerated or confined to nursing homes.